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When Prevention Fails


Most cyber security solutions prevent intrusions: Antivirus software stops infections; firewalls stop unauthorized traffic. All of these tools rely on previously known events, where the virus or malware has already been identified elsewhere and registered by cyber security vendors. Recent cyber attacks have evolved in sophistication to the point that the traditional approach of “prevent” is now insufficient.

Deep Forest Security uses Artificial Intelligence to protect your business by identifying abnormal behavior from machines and accounts that have been compromised and stopping the attack almost instantly. Because the technology is network-based, it can’t be bypassed or tricked.

Since 2005 Deep Forest Security has helping clients of all types protect themselves from cyber-intrusions with forward thinking and cutting-edge technologies. Step up your game and stop attacks when other security fails.

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Security You Can Depend On

The Protection and Peace of Mind You Want

With the help of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, Deep Forest Security protects you from potential threats by monitoring your devices and data--on-premise, remote workers, and cloud environments, alerting you at the first sign of any abnormal activity and automatically stopping serious attacks in seconds. Focus on your business's growth, knowing you have world-class technology and specialists protecting you against ransomware, expensive data breaches and other cyber attacks.

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Average cost for a business to recover from a ransomware attack in 2021.


Of all cyberattacks are aimed at small businesses.


Every 11 seconds in 2021, a company was hit by ransomware.

Why Deep Forest Security?

Experienced Investigators. Instant Response.

Professional, trusted investigators monitor alerts from your network, with automated AI stopping the most serious attacks in seconds.

Comprehensive Protection

Business network, remote teleworkers, and cloud services are all protected, providing a wholistic approach to security.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Deep Forest Security is partnered with Darktrace, the leading provider of AI-powered active cyber defense to Fortune 500 companies around the globe.

Complete Protection

Small businesses and large companies alike need protection from cyber threats and online attacks. Get affordable, dependable protection for your business today.

No Company is Too Small to Need Protection

The biggest mistake made by business owners when it comes to online security is thinking that they are too small to be a target for attackers. The fact is, if you are conducting business using technology, you can be the victim of phishing, data leaks, ransomware and other attacks that can be devastating financially.

Many businesses, even large corporations, do not have the protection they really need to keep their data safe in today’s fast evolving threatscape. As an example, in the past two years more businesses than ever before, are allowing employees to work remotely.  Cyber criminals have responded to this trend with a 600% increase in attacks over that same time period, with a far greater success rate than before

There is no reason to leave your business open to these threats. Deep Forest Security makes the same protection that is trusted by the world’s top companies available to you, no matter your industry or the size of your business, at an affordable price, so you can focus on thriving and expanding in your space, knowing you are completely protected.

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What Industries are Affected by Cyberattacks?

Cyber attacks affect everyone. No matter the size of your business, or what industry you serve, anyone can become the victim of an online attack. Deep Forest Security’s machine learning and AI-powered security services protect companies across all industry sectors and of all sizes, stopping costly data leaks, ransomware, phishing attacks and other online threats before they can harm your company.

Cybercrime statistics for 2021 report that 43% of small businesses were the target of an online attack, yet only 14% are prepared to defend themselves. The most attacked industries included:

  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Small Business
  • E-Commerce
  • Services
  • Import/Export
  • Construction
  • Finance
  • Energy
  • Manufacturing

The importance of protecting your business from cyber threats cannot be overstated. Managing and protecting your data is imperative for every industry and organization. With Deep Forest Security, you will never have to worry about being a victim of phishing, ransomware, data breaches or distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.

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